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Friday, December 9, 2011


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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mobilink Will Charge Another 2 % Fee on Card Reloads as Operational Fee1

Mobilink is now charge 2% Operational fee from its Prepaid customer (in addition to alreadyy applicable fees and charges) This 2% fee will be charged for Scratch Card Loaders and the Jazz reloaders will find this as 1% Operational fee. 
According to a notice published in various newspapers mobilink is going to charge these charges to make thier services on superior level of the world telecom. 

Earlier in the June 2011 all cellular operators had imposed 1.1 to 1.5% charges on thier respective reloads giving those charges some different names.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

IT NEWS:! A Supereb Skill Based Pakistani Job Portal.! A Brand New Pakistani Skill Based Job portal which is growing really fast and claiming to be the next Generation Job Portal. The Portal is aiming to make Job Search really fast, easy, Accurate and Intelligent for the employers to find the best candidates out of not hundreds but thousands in just seconds. is a newly established job portal but it is competing the Job Guru's by making efforts to bring the quality than quantity for not only job seekers but also for the employers. Its usual procedure is like other job portals by posting a job vacancy and waiting for the candidates for apply or search the database of CV's but has re-engineered the process making it much easier and less time consuming for both recruiters and job seekers.


IT NEWS: PTA is going to Improve Customers’ Protections from Unwanted Calls and Spam SMS.

PTA Authority has got another blasting Decision to Improve its Protection Policy for Mobile / Telephone users with the amendment of its regulations for telecom operators and their services.

Authority has urged that repeated unwanted Caller or SMS Sender should be terminated not only the cell Number but also with the IMEI number of sender handset will be terminated within the next 24 hours after receipt of Call or SMS and if originator starts repeating this then the operator shall suspend the subscritpion of the originator and there will be complete record of such subscription in the BLACK LIST.


IT NEWS: Thousands of Adult Websites are Blocked in Pakistan

After PTA's Decision of blocking explicit websites Pakistani ISP's (Internet Service Providers) have started the blocking of Adult & Explicit Websites.

In the Middle of Oct 2011 PTA had decided to block the websites having Adult and Explicit content. In this regard for the first step a huge  list  of 150,000     Explicit Websites was sent to the ISP's and Mobile Services to implement on it. It is reported that about 1000 of Adult Websites (names of them we can't show for some reasons) had been blocked but it is assured that all 1000 websites were Adult and some of them are top 100 in Alexa ranking which were mostly viewed in Pakistan.


IT NEWS: PTA Starts Survey About Cellular Services through SMS

A "SMS based consumer preception survey system 8899" was Launched by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) for getting preception of customers about thier Cellular Mobile Operator Services.

To get maximum results from public PTA is arranging to start this service without any charges (FREE of Cost). The system will invite the Cellular User to participate in this survey by sending simple 1 to 10 responses. The phone users can participate directly in this service by sending SMS to 8899.


IT NEWS: PTA is Going to Ban 150,000 Explicit Websites

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has decided to Ban Explicit Websites. The News says that this Decision was taken by the authorities because of SHC's Petition against those Explicit Websites.

In this regard PTA for priliminary stage got a list of 150,000 Explicit Websites to be banned. The list has been sent to the concerned ISP's, Mobile Phone Service Companies and IBP's(International Bandwidth Providers) to blocked those 150,000 websites.

This process can take about 1 to 2 weeks for blocking those 150,000 websites in Pakistan, furthermore, PTA is going to keep updating this list through user inputs and self determination.



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